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Cellular Detox Hub

We believe in clean functional nutrition for the family

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Have you heard about food for the DNA?

Our Brands

Nutri-Tide NT and nnnSport X-Cell dietary nucleotides

Nucleotide Nutrition

Nucleotides are building blocks of life. They are the key ingredients for cellular production - essential for DNA replication, cellular regeneration and making proteins in the body. 

Our food products from Nucleotide Nutrition were developed over years of research and the support of UK government research awards. They are classified as food for particular nutritional uses (EU) and food for special medical purposes (Australia).  Read more on the Nucleotides For Health database to view clinical trials and scientific publications on nucleotide nutrition. 

Lipolife Liposomal Vitamin C


The Lipolife range of liposomal products are a new class of highly absorbable food supplements. Manufactured in Europe, these are  based on scientific research and exacting micro-particle technology. Liposomes have the ability to carry either water or fat-soluble contents, which makes them an ideal delivery system to the cells. 

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What We Do

Wholesale & Practitioners

Cellular Detox Hub is a functional nutrition and wellness hub for your family. We are a wholesale distributor for Nucleotide Nutrition and ECO Minerals Byron Bay for the Australian market. We offer Nutritional Therapy consultations and functional tests - at clinic and online. 

Our registered nutritionist (UK) is an advocate of dietary nucleotide food for gut health and immune support. Our food products for special medical purposes include Nutri-Tide NT and X-Cell.

We are looking to partner with practitioners and pharmacies to join our affiliate and practitioner programs. Contact us to find out how we can work together. 

Online Store

We supply only clean supplements and functional foods from reputable brands that share our passion for wellness and holistic health.  We carry a limited number of specialty health products for targeted nutritional support from Australia, U.K. and U.S.A - available to international clients. Our brands are leaders in their industry and renowned for quality and results. 

When purchasing nucleotide foods from Australia, please ensure that you have your practitioner information available to avoid delays in processing orders. 

Consuming nutritional products require guidance from a health practitioner. Contact our Nutritional Therapy clinic for queries. 

Functional Nutrition

Modern lifestyle and technology improves efficiency but negatively impacts health as it increases STRESS levels and consumption of PROCESSED FOOD. This contributes to stress to cellular health - cells age faster causing health to deteriorate.

We’re here to supply nutrition products that support cellular production, cellular regeneration, and DNA repair. We also offer functional testing and nutritional therapy services where we use food as medicine

We have a commitment to provide you with evidence-based advice, complementary to your medical practitioner’s treatments. Nutritional products support but cannot take the place of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet based on wholefoods.

Suzy’s secret

Wanting a bit more energy and vitality? Looking for some help for gut issues or stress? Find out what Suzy has discovered.

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